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Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is the legal process of protecting a brand name, logo, or slogan by obtaining exclusive rights to use it. This allows the owner of the trademark to prevent others from using similar marks in the same field. Therefore, preventing any sort of confusion in the marketplace.

When we talk about trademark registration, many businesses find it a very overwhelming process. Well, it sure is if you are doing it yourself. But instead of taking care of the hassle yourself, you can hire experts like AMpuesto to take care of it for you. Here's how you can get started with Trademark registration with us.

Documents Required

  • Application Form
  • Filling Receipt
  • Challan Receipt
  • Follow-up of application till approval
  • Support in filling Objection and Hearing(if any)

What You Will Get

  • Aadhaar Card of Brand Owner
  • Contact Details of Brand Owner
  • HD Image of Brand Logo in JPEG Format
  • Digital Signature
  • MSME or Startup Certificate in case of Owner is other than individual
  1. Visit our official website.
  2. Under the BUSINESS REGISTRATION Heading, click on TRADEMARK REGISTRATION. Or simply click here to reach the service page.
  3. You will find a GET A QUOTE form on the top.
  4. Fill in your details and click on submit.
  5. The Ampuesto team will contact you and get started with your TDS filing process ASAP.


That's it. We don't believe in any sort of lengthy and overwhelming process of doing a job. Instead, we believe in the simplicity and effortlessness of a process. That's what we have tried to do throughout our whole trademark registration process. So without any delay, let's collaborate together!


Types of Trademark

In India, you can register a trademark for a variety of things. Some of the many types of trademarks are as follows:


  • Word Mark: A wordmark is a trademark that consists of a word or a combination of words. This type of trademark is most commonly used for brand names, slogans, and taglines.
  • Device Mark: A device mark is a trademark that consists of a design or a logo. This type of trademark is used by companies that want to create a visual representation of their brand.
  • Combination Mark: A combination mark is a trademark that consists of both a word and a device. This type of trademark is often used by companies that want to create a strong brand identity.
  • Sound Mark: A sound mark is a trademark that consists of a sound. This type of trademark is used by companies that have a unique sound associated with their brand.
  • Shape Mark: A shape mark is a trademark that consists of the shape of a product or packaging. This type of trademark is used by companies that have a unique product or packaging design that sets them apart from their competitors.
  • Smell Mark: A smell mark is a trademark that consists of a particular scent or smell. This type of trademark is used by companies that have a unique scent associated with their products or services.


Eligibility For Trademark Registration

To be eligible for trademark registration, one must meet certain criteria. Here are some key factors that determine the eligibility of a mark for registration:


  • Distinctiveness: The most important factor for eligibility is that the mark should be distinctive and unique, allowing consumers to easily recognize and distinguish it from other marks in the marketplace.
  • Non-generic: The mark should not be too descriptive or generic. It must not describe the goods or services it is associated with in a common or generic way that could be used by other traders.
  • Non-offensive: The mark should not be offensive or vulgar. It should not infringe on any existing trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights.
  • Non-similarity to prior registered trademarks: The mark should not be similar or identical to any prior registered trademarks or pending applications for registration, particularly those in the same field of goods or services.
  • Use in commerce: The mark should be used in commerce or intended to be used in the near future. A mark that is not used or has not been used for a prolonged period of time may be subject to cancellation or removal from the register.
  • Compliance with legal and moral standards: The mark must be compliant with legal and moral standards. It should not be contrary to public policy, morality, or any applicable laws or regulations.
  • Exclusion of government emblems or insignia: The mark should not contain any emblems, flags, or insignia of a country or government entity. This is to avoid confusion or misrepresentation of government endorsement or sponsorship.


Why Choose Ampuesto For Trademark Registration?

There are so many reasons why you should choose Ampuesto for trademark registration. Some of the key reasons are as follows:


  • Expertise: Ampuesto has a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in the trademark registration process in India. They can guide you through the process and ensure your application is filed correctly.
  • Affordable: Ampuesto offers its services at an affordable price point, making them accessible to a wide range of businesses and individuals.
  • Comprehensive: Ampuesto offers a comprehensive range of trademark registration services, including trademark search, application drafting and filing, and post-registration services.
  • Technology-driven: Ampuesto uses the latest technology to streamline the trademark registration process, making it quicker and more efficient.
  • Customer-focused: Ampuesto places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and strives to provide a seamless and stress-free experience for its clients throughout the trademark registration process.

Frequently Asked Question

There are many types of Trademark like Wordmark, Logo(Device Mark), Sound, Image, Three Dimensional Mark, Motion Mark, Position Mark, Pattern Mark.

Govt Fees is Rs 4500 in case of Indidual, MSME registered Entity, Start-Up Recognised Entity and Rs 9000 for all other applicant.

Yes, An applicant can file the trademark application in any class for their Brand. While filing their application, your business nature and categories must be considered.

It is valid for a period of 10 years but it is renewable indefinately. You just need to pay the renewal fees every time you apply.

After filing the application, Trademark department will issue TM Number. After that you use TM with your Brand.

In case your Trademark application is objected by Trademark Department, You can contact us for further proceedings. Our team will assist you to file the clarification against your Trademark.

No, registering Company does not protect your brand identity. You will have to file Trademark Application for the brand protection

AMPUESTO will help you in registering Trademark Application with the best possible class after discussion with you. You just need to simply complete the small form and our team will call you and help you in registering your Trademark Application in a very cost effective way.

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