Company Name Change

Company Name Change
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Created date: 25-12-2022 02:44 PM
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1. Hold A Board Meeting and Authorize any director

For a name change, the company must send a notice and hold a board meeting to change the company name by passing a resolution of the board of directors and authorizing one of the board directors at this meeting to implement the proposed name change to Registrar by filing a RUN (Reserve Unique Name) Form with the MCA.

2. File RUN Form and Reserve Proposed Name

Submit the form done with the MCA about a company name change by submitting a proposed name. Once the proposed name is approved, the proposed name will be reserved for 60 days, during which time the company must submit all required forms.

3. Notice to EGM

After approving the RUN form, the company will send a notice to the EGM at least 21 days before the EGM or a shorter notice when 95% of the members agree to hold the EGM in a shorter time. A notice will be sent to all members for shareholder approval, in which the company will adopt a special resolution to amend the MOA and AOA regarding the change of the company name and accept the proposed name for the company in MCA.

4. Hold EGM

The Company will hold an EGM on the date mentioned and adopt a special resolution with the consent of the members to amend the MOA and AOA, thus approving the proposed name of the company and authorizing one of the directors to file MGT-14 and Form INC-24.

5. File Form MGT-14

After passing a special resolution, the company must file Form MGT-14 within 30 days of the adoption of the special resolution.

6. File Form INC-24

Once Form MGT-14 is approved, the company must submit Form INC-24 to the Central Government/ROC for approval of the company name change. Upon approval of Form INC-24, ROC will issue a new certificate of incorporation for the approved name in the company email ID.

Key Points to be remembered while applying for a change in name of the Company.

1.       When applying for a change of name, the company must comply with the relevant sections and regulations of the Companies Act.

2.       The company must not fail to file annual reports, accounts, or other documents required for submission to the Registrar.

3.     Applications for a company name with the proposed name RUN will only be available for 60 days from approval, so the company must complete all necessary name change requirements, including Form INC-24, within the deadline.

4.      The company must provide copies of board resolutions, notices to extraordinary general meetings, certified copies of special resolutions with explanations, amended MOA and AOA, challan of such RUN form or MGT-14 forms, or other documents as may be required. 

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